Integratieve Therapie

Wat is Integratieve Therapie?

What is Integrative Therapy?
Integrative therapy offers a multi-faceted approach that combines different forms of therapy to help you in the best possible way. We use cognitive talk therapy, Somatic Experiencing (focused on physical sensations and tensions), Systemic work, Voice Dialogue (exploring different parts of yourself), Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness.
A Broader View of your process
For us, people as a whole are central. We look at all aspects of who you are: your body, your thoughts, your feelings and the things that happen around you. Together we draw up a plan that is fully tailored to you, with the aim of improving your well-being and promoting personal growth.
Your Personal Plan
Our working method takes into account all dimensions of your life: physical, emotional, behavioral, social, cognitive and spiritual aspects. Instead of following a standard procedure, we subtly work with you on a tailor-made treatment.
The power of Integrative therapy
Integrative therapy is usually short-term and assumes that you have the wisdom, qualities and strength to work on your complaints. We focus on activating your inner resources, encouraging self-reflection and self-direction. 
Flexibility in treatment options
With me you have the flexibility to choose a single session or a trajectory. The duration of treatment varies depending on several factors. We usually start with a process of 3 to 8 sessions. After every 6 consultations we evaluate progress to ensure that we continue to work effectively towards achieving the set goals.


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